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2024   Association Informal


Monday Nights from 7-10pm
May 6th - July 22nd

Modified Association Croquet Rules:

We follow World Croquet Federation Assocation rules for association croquet with the following modification:

1. 75min long match, team with the highest score wins the match at the end of 75min.

2. Teams will be randomly assigned each week.

3. Individual player must be present at least 8wks during scheduled play to qualify for tournament play.

4. Ranking will be determined individually by taking average point earned for each match played. For example if Bob plays 10 games with the following team scores (10,10,20,20,15,15,10,10,20,20)=150/10=15

and Tim plays 8 games with the following team scores (5,5,20,20,10,10,5,5)=80/8=10. Bob would rank higher as he has 15 points on average where Tim only has 10.

Modified Association Croquet Schedule:

Random doubles play will occur every Monday night from May 6th- July 22nd from 7pm on. The number of team will vary by week. 

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